A Clean Home is a Healthy Home!


  • As in every room, we will first look for and clean any cobwebs in the ceiling corners.
  • Ceiling fans are dusted and hand washed.
  • Blinds are dusted and wiped.
  • All cabinets are polished.
  • Cabinet handles and sink fixtures are polished.
  • All items are removed from countertops and washed, ie flour/sugar canisters etc.
  • Countertops and backsplashes are scrubbed and polished
  • Cooktop and outside of oven is scrubbed and polished
  • Outside of refrigerator is washed
  • Tables and chairs are handwashed
  • Microwave is cleaned, inside and out
  • All appliances are cleaned and polished. Coffee makers, toasters etc
  • Sinks will be scrubbed, sanitized and dried
  • Trash can will be emptied and wiped down.
  • Floors will be vacuumed, mopped and dried.
clean fridge
clean stove
clean microwave

Our trained staff is not satisfied until your home is beautifully clean, healthy and happy!

So exactly how do we get the job done?

We know that each home is as unique as that family that lives there.  We will always listen to you and work with you to customize your cleaning, but in general this is how Dirty Jersey Cleaning's staff gets your house looking it's absolute best.

It all starts with your initial cleaning. Getting your home "Spring Cleansed" initially is super important because it allows us to then keep your home "Spring Cleansed" all year round as we clean weekly, biweekly or however often you choose.

The initial Spring Cleaning of your home includes everything listed in a basic cleaning PLUS these added services that will give your home an overall complete deep clean.

  • Hand washing of all moldings, baseboards, vents, ceiling fans, doors and door frames. Walls smudges will be gently removed and window treatments dusted and gently wiped clean.

And by implementing our "Two Room Spring" method your entire home will stay spring clean all year round. How? In addition to basic cleaning services we will rotate two rooms to be Spring Cleansed each time we come to clean your home.