Wall Township

household items cleaned.

Big or small, we keep the things in your home looking beautiful. Love your home. Live your life. #jerseyshorecleaningservice

Granit and stainless steel appliances polished.

Here’s a pic of a beautiful house in Bayville, Ocean County, New Jersey.  Kitchens take the longest to clean out of all the rooms in a home. Before our professional cleaners polish and shine to get this finished look, all surfaces , with special attention paid to handles and hardware, are scrubbed and sanitized to make sure your kitchen is as germ free as possible.

What’s under your cushions?? Our teams of professional cleaners don’t miss a thing!

No matter how clean your home seems if you have crumbs and dirt left under your cushions you are breeding bacteria where your family spends most of their time. Couches are taken apart and cleaned with each cleaning.

Baseboard heaters cleaned

Here’s a pic of a great house in Wall Township, located in Monmouth County New Jersey.  Baseboard heaters are a  common place for dust and grime to buildup and can often be overlooked. Baseboard heaters and all moldings are on our checklist of areas to be washed in every home every time we clean.

Super impressed with our cleaning service in Wall Township!

We just moved into our new home, I have a 2 year old daughter, Im 5 months pregnant and i run my husband’s plumbing business from home. Needless to say I needed a hand. I could not be happier with the girls from GemPro. They got me out of boxes and organized in just a few short days. Not to mention that I felt completley comfortable with them in my home and with my daughter. I’m so happy to say that I now have a cleaning service that I can trust and would highly reccommend. Now that everything is in its place and this new house is becoming our home I have GemPro cleaning biweeekly and it makes life so much easier! Thanks GemPro!!!

🙂 Loreen