So happy with our cleaning service in Jackson NJ

I switched to GemPro CLeaning service because the service I had was a little unreliable. It seemed every couple cleanings they would reschedule on me. I decided to give this new service that my neighbor recommended a shot. Im so glad I did. I love these cleaning ladies! They do everything, my house looks great and this co has never rescheduleduled once. PLUS…… ONE time they accidentally broke my microwave plate but before they left they took it upon themselves to order me a new one and make sure i had it in two days. I would’ve expected them to pay for it but they went the extra mile before i even knew it happened to take care of it. The owner of the co, Gayle Muldoon, called to appologize and make sure all was taken care of. GemPro is SUPER awesome and reliable.

Stacy from Jackson

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